Do you to want a solution that is colourful and has a nice texture – or would you like a smooth surface with clean lines?

In addition to the range of colours and shades, CeramaPANEL facade boards are available with a variety of distinctive characteristics.


Deemed Non-combustible

CeramaPANEL is a deemed non-combustible facade material that can be used internally or externally wherever a deemed non-combustible material is required in accordance with C1.9e.

Key Features

Low Maintenance

CeramaPANEL is a very low maintenance product, with no ongoing painting or sealing required.

Easily cut and installed onsite

CeramaPANEL is easily cut to size and installed onsite minimising lengthy lead time between site measure, production and delivery of pre-finished panels.

Environmentally friendly

CeramaPANEL panels are installed on a ventilated sub-construction system allowing for the building envelope to breathe which increases thermal and energy efficiency and promotes healthier buildings.

robust durability

CeramaPANEL panels are an exceptionally durable panel making it impact resistant. Even in the most demanding applications and harsh environments CeramaPANEL has a life expectancy exceeding 50 years.

cost effective

CeramaPANEL allows installers to provide a rapid and cost effective installation. With our unique self-drilling screw fix system, there is no need to predrill the top hats before installation.

Through coloured material

CeramaPANEL Raw, Hewn, Groove, Infuse and Depth are all through-coloured fibre cement material that offers elegant shades of natural colour.

Easily cut and installed onsite

graffiti and scratch resistant


Panelcorp not only supply the cladding boards, we stock the full range of accessories to simplify your installation process.

From top hats to drill bits, we have you covered.

RapidPANEL Joining
Top Hat

120 x 35 x 1.10 mm BMT
2.00 kg’s/metre

Available lengths:

6m, 7.2m


RapidPANEL Intermediate Top Hat

50 x 35 x 1.10 mm BMT
1.35 kg’s/metre

Available lengths:

6m, 7.2m


RapidPANEL 3.5mm Back Flashing

3.5mm x 0.48 BMT
Finished black on external face
0.28 kg’s/metre

Available lengths:



RapidPANEL Façade
Gasket Tape

EPDM rubber closed cell gasket tape
Single sided self-adhesive foam
Black UV resistant

Available lengths:

3 x 48mm x 25m Roll


Façade Screw

SCR-S 4.8x29mm
A2 stainless steel
(Use with CeramaPANEL Raw, Hewn, Groove and Natural.)

CeramaPANEL Façade
Screw with Washer

SCR-S 4.8x29mm
A2 stainless steel
(Use with CeramaPANEL Infuse, Depth and Classic)


Cutting Blades
and Drill Bits

Specialty cutting blades and drill bits available to ensure correct processing of your Ceramapanel boards.

why ventilated facades

Ventilated Facade systems also known as double-skin facades or rain-screens, greatly assist in protecting buildings against wind, rain and temperature variations and keeping the building dry and energy efficient.

A ventilated facade system consists of two layers of different facades separated by an air cavity which prevents rainwater from penetrating and diffuses water vapour from the inside. While the external cladding protects from rain and wind, the air cavity plays a major role in the ventilated facade system. A naturally ventilated facade results in a temperature difference between the face of the cladding panel and the air cavity behind. This in turn creates a variation in air density causing air to flow upwards within the cavity resulting in a chimney effect. The airflow transports heat from the cavity out through openings at the top of the wall, reducing humidity and increasing the efficiency of insulation.

Benefits of ventilated facades

Significant reductions in HVAC reliance through:

  • A reduction in the amount of heat the building absorbs in hot weather conditions from the partial reflection of solar radiation by the outside facade, and the naturally ventilated air cavity.
  • In cold weather conditions ventilated walls retain heat, resulting in a lower reliance on heating. HVAC electricity consumption typically accounts for around 40% of total building consumption.

Ventilated facade systems provide an increase in the reflection of external noise, with some projects achieving an average reduction of up to 8dB. With the primary external noise sources affecting buildings being road traffic noise, a reduction of this level can greatly improve occupant comfort.

Ventilated facades don’t suffer from mould, fungi and rot, making them extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. The natural bottom-to-top airflow through the cavity assists in eliminating moisture accumulation on the facades, helping to prolong the structural integrity and ultimately the lifespan of a building.