RapidPANEL S3 is a pre-finished, 3mm non-combustible solid aluminium cladding panel that is manufactured from high quality marine grade aluminium.  With high impact resistance it is an extremely durable facade product that can be easily fabricated to any shape or design.

It features a PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coating system which has excellent wear and corrosion resistence and is available in an extensive colour range.


AS 1530.1 Fire Tested and Certified

RapidPANEL S3 is BCA compliant as a deemed-to-satisfy (DTS) non-combustible solution for both new buildings and re-cladding applications.
RapidPANEL S3 is constructed from 100% aluminium, rather than combustible polyethylene and fire retardent material such as typical aluminium composite materials (ACM).

Key Features


RapidPANEL S3 is non-combustible and certified to AS1530.1. As a NCC compliant product, RapidPANEL S3 may be used as external wall cladding on all Type A,B and C construction.


RapidPANEL S3 offers a 15 year warranty when installed by a licensed installer and subject to our Conditions of Warranty.

durable and LIGHTWEIGHT

RapidPANEL S3 is highly durable, impact resistant and rigid but are lightweight making them very easy to install.

design and fabrication

RapidPANEL S3 can be easily folded, routed, cut and even rolled to suit any architectural design. Fabrication can be done on site or in a workshop.


RapidPANEL S3 uses only superior, long lasting PVDF KYNAR 500 paint known for its optimum resistance to weather and high durability.

hidden fixing

RapidPANEL S3 is installed using screws or rivets which are concealed when using the Z-Angle casette system.